Professional Disciplinarian

May 2015

May 10-11 Roanoke, VA

May 12-13 BWI/DC

May 22-25 Phoenix

May 31- June 1 BWI/DC

Possible cities for May/June 2015



Road trip to the South leaving from Orlando and going through Atlanta and various other cities in the south and ending in Dallas. This trip would start sometime near the end of May and take about 2 weeks. This would allow me to see people in cities I otherwise never get to. So, if you are in Atlanta, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas or Oklahoma, send me a message or fill out a form on this site to let me know you are interested in a session and the closest major city you are near.   *** Sorry, this won’t work out this year, hopefully next year around the same time. There is a slight chance earlier, early fall, so do contact me if you are interested.