Professional Disciplinarian

Belts and Straps

I have a large collection of belts and straps and a tawse or two also. Below are some of my favorites and the one’s used most often and often mentioned by past recipients!


This is my favorite belt that I found at a thrift store years ago. It was already broken in and ready for use. Boy, has it gotten a lot of use over the years!! It doesn’t seem to photograph well, but is a soft and supple belt that is thick enough and heavy enough to get someone’s attention!


This is a great belt that was given to my by a true belt lover in NYC. It’s only downside is that is hasn’t been broken in enough yet.


This might be my favorite strap. It was given the name of “punishment strap” and it lives up to it!

domestic discipline strap

This is a new strap which has quickly become a favorite. It is called the “domestic discipline strap” and is another from Ian at London Tanners.

leather paddle

The reform school paddle is a leather implement that makes quite an impression. This is another London Tanners creation.


This one is referred to as the “little strap”. It is light but don’t let that fool you! It can cause quite a sting on a bare bottom!


This is a great little strap for otk. With the silver buttons in the handle it looks a little more “BDSM” than I prefer, however it works so well that I can overlook it in this case. You won’t be able to see it most of the time anyway as you will be over my lap!


This strap was a birthday present from Ian at The London Tanners. It is big enough to pack a sting but small enough that it is very manageable and able to be used otk.

london_tanners_strap london_tanners_strap_side_view

Speaking of The London Tanners, this is another fine creation. It is a strap that has a loop on the end and a very comfortable handle.


The Texas Prison strap is one which can really make a point when needed. Sitting comfortably may not be an option for a day or two after this is used.


This Tawse is similar in size to the Texas Prison strap but with the two fingers it is like getting two lashes at a time.