Professional Disciplinarian

Wife / husband (Girlfriend / boyfriend)

Wife-HusbandTwo Hours Late

Imagine you stayed out late with the boys drinking, you knew you should have gotten home on time, and that there would be consequences, but the alcohol made you think it would all be ok.  Reality will hit when you finally arrive home, hours late, and there she is… the women you married sitting in the dark waiting for you, with a hairbrush in her lap.

You might walk in and try to make light of this situation, talk your way out of it.  This is really just habit, you know deep down it will never work, it never does.  Usually it just makes it worse, but for some reason you always try.  One look at her, and you know how mad she is.  Your friends tell you how their wives nag or yell when they do something she doesn’t like.  You nod, and go along with it, but actually you don’t know about that.  Your wife has always handled things just one way, by giving you a sound spanking.

Before you know it, you are in a very familiar position, with your pants at your ankles, and you over her Dressing Table, receiving a spanking with her hairbrush.  It hurts, but is tolerable.  It is embarrassing, being a grown man, VP of a fortune 500 company, bare bottom over your wife’s Dressing Table  for coming home late.  After she has “warmed you up well” you are made to stand, and are suddenly very sober.  You are instructed to bend over the bed, and see her reach for the dreaded strap.  Your mind goes back to that garage sale out in the country, how you joked about what that strap might be used for.  All those years ago, while you were just dating, you never would have guessed you would be feeling it.  But here you were, once again, feeling that wicked strap across your bare butt.

She reminds you of the rule, move, and she will start over.  You know how true that is.  You look back and see her arm rise…

What happens next?  You will have to come and find out….

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