Professional Disciplinarian


These are many of the brushes in my collection, the top 3 being the most used and favorites.


A favorite of many, including me, is the infamous “Vermont Country Store” bath brush. I love this brush as it is a great weight and length to teach even the most stubborn quite a lesson!


This is the brush commonly used in the Nu-West/Leda videos. I can see why as it packs quite a punch!

square hairbrush

This square paddle that is a little less painful as some of those above. This is a good hairbrush for someone who has a lower tolerance but still wants to feel the hairbrush. Thanks to a special client in DC who gave this brush to me!


The “Lady Elizabeth” bath brush is a great find at your local Wal-Mart store. But be careful, what it lacks in price it makes up for in effect. This is a heavy implement that is almost always going to leave marks.




The hairbrushes above are a few that I have acquired over the years and use at times. They are typically lighter and less effective for those who need a very sound spanking. For those looking for a stern hairbrushing without as much pain, these can be a good choice.