Professional Disciplinarian



Ms. Burns is the ultimate disciplinarian. I have personally found that whatever your fantasy, she’ll make sure that it’s completely filled in the most easy, comfortable manner possible. My own role-play session was the best experience I’ve had to date & now I’m looking forward to many more!

Thanks a million, Ms. Burns; you really do know how to make a guy’s fantasies come true!!!

What a unique experience. You took me back to childhood, I felt ashamed, trembling, crying, emotionally devastated, it was amazing, Elizabeth, thank you. After more than 24 hours my bottom is still on fire! And yes, there are marks all over the place but, believe it or not, it feels good. You gave me a hard punishment that I will never forget, you awaked all the powerful sensations that are involved in the pain and pleasure relationship. It calls for GIVE ME MORE!

In case I didn’t state it clearly enough yesterday, my time with you will go down as my fondest memory of these types. With probably over 45 years of having these fantasies, I’ve only ventured into the real world five times before, and only two of those were pleasurable, but now visiting you will rank as number one. Thank you again. Your conversational abilities in email, over the phone, and in person are very real, comfortable, reassuring, and just pleasant.

As a first timer I would have to give the experience with Elizabeth a 10. She provides very professional preparation through the session arrangements and is very skilled at what she does. When she tells you she wants you to be comfortable everywhere but one place, believe her! I felt the session was well done, just about what I had expected and in a comfortable, discreet atmosphere. I plan to return!

The spanking was marvelous; you seemed to intuitively know when to stop for a moment or two, each time I was on the verge of “yellow” you would stop.

Elizabeth, thank you so very much for today. It was exactly what I was hoping for and much more. In all sincerity you were wonderful and I appreciate what you did for me today. My spanking had a cathartic effect on me. It really did.

I’ve just finished my first session with Miss Elizabeth. And like everyone else, no doubt, I approached the initial contacts and visit with trepidation. So, I give a perfectly excellent reference to Miss Elizabeth’s dependability and confidentiality which are important. Elizabeth has respected my requests regarding when to make contact. The session was conducted in a large, neat and tidy house located in an extremely nice neighborhood. Miss Elizabeth is excellent at what she provides. She listened to me both prior to and during the session. But she was also in total control, believe me. Her instruments of punishment were varied and sufficient. She can and does take you to where you want to go. To sum up Miss Elizabeth is a Trustworthy, Powerful, Attentive, Skilled, Strong, Attractive, Professional, No-nonsense, Disciplinarian.

Elizabeth really makes it seem as though she really is your girlfriend. If my girlfriend spanked me like that if I was late, you can bet I would never be late again. It was one of the best spankings I have received.

If you are looking to relive the memories of your childhood spankings, then Elizabeth Burns is who you need to see. My sessions with her made me feel 11 years old again and brought back a flood of memories, including how much a spanking hurts! She is an incredible role player and has a great collection of traditional implements which she uses in a traditional setting.

You do understand about spanking. There is not only the physical pain of getting spanked, but the embarrassment of getting spanked.

I really enjoyed it very much, despite the pain and severity!!! You were very good and very harsh and especially strict!!! I think I was very close to my limit, and my bottom has been very sore all week. Exactly what I wanted and needed!!!

You gave me the best spanking experience I’ve ever had. You took me someplace new and showed me a part of myself I hadn’t seen before. When I messed up the towel and told you I deserved to be punished, I completely surprised myself. When I quickly grabbed the long wooden spoon for you to punish me for that, I was surprised again. At that moment I had forgotten myself and was a young boy/man submitting to the dominance of a powerful woman.

I thought the spanking was over! Much to my fear, it wasn’t! You told me to go over your knees again, and then I experienced the fear other children must have felt. I did NOT want to go over your knees again! Not at all. But I did. Why? Because I was afraid to disobey (really afraid). Caught up in the role-play, it became real. I was afraid you would take me back upstairs for another dose of the belt. Or, I would get it worse (!) over your knees, if I didn’t obey. So, over your knees I went, and the spanking continued!! With swats especially applied to the “sit-upon” area – a very nice touch on your part. You were going to make sure all the elements of a good hard spanking were there, namely the fear of going over your knees, the loooong spanking that is “memorable”, the red stinging butt, the scolding, my pleading that doesn’t seem to be believed by you (until perhaps at the very end). I imagine at the very end you knew that I had learned my lesson. YOU had taught me a lesson.

There is no doubt on my end, that if you were my teacher, and I was staying with you, that I would be behaved! You know how to command respect. You know when a spanking is warranted, and you know how to administer the discipline.

Ms. Burns would have made a great teacher. Just the right blend of charm and menace to keep a class in line and a firm hand (and hairbrush and paddle and belt and strap) to help you remember why it is not nice to borrow other peoples work (OK, plagiarize!)

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