Professional Disciplinarian

Aunt / nephew

aunt-nephewExaggerating Cousin?

Anyone could tell at a glance that your Aunt Elizabeth was not someone to push limits with. She was strong-willed, extremely self-confident, and if she seemed to be on a mission, the ones smart enough to survive knew to stay out of her way.

You were smart enough to sense that, too. But you also knew your cousin was a born exaggerator. OK, the big leather strap hanging on the closet door under the “You Won’t Be Naughty Twice!” sign was ominous, but it could have been just be a family joke, a gentle tease not to mess with the lady of the house.

So why this time did you have to believe your trouble-causing cousin when she told you the second drawer in Aunt Elizabeth’s dresser held four hairbrushes just for spanking? And why on earth could you have believed her when she said the coast was clear?!

You were just getting your first peek into “Drawer Number Two” when your Aunt hollered in your ear “Johnny, what do you think you’re doing!!” What a sinking feeling to see a drawer full of ladies’ undies, with not a hairbrush in view. That rat-fink cousin!!

But, there is no time to ponder revenge, or even think up an answer, as Aunt Elizabeth has you by the ear and is saying “It’s pretty obvious what you were doing young man, but I’m going to make sure you control your nasty curiosity in the future!”

You are so shocked and terrified that words can’t come out, but tears do as she yanks you by the ear to a small stool in her room, stopping only long enough to grab a hairbrush out of the TOP drawer of her dresser. You quickly learn that your naughty cousin and her younger sister knew all along where the hairbrushes were really kept. To make matters worse, you see them peeking in the room as your Aunt pulls your pants and under shorts down to your ankles in one quick motion.

As you are pulled over her left knee and her right leg locks you in, the hairbrush begins to teach the painful lesson that your rotten cousin doesn’t always exaggerate…

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