Professional Disciplinarian

Additional Female


Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have another woman present while you are being spanked or perhaps two women involved in spanking you?

Perhaps you have always thought about a role play where you are your teenage girlfriend get caught by her mother in a compromising position and you are both spanked by the mother?

Or maybe you would just love to both get spanked but also have the chance to give a spanking to a deserving female.

Whatever your thoughts, it just might be possible!

For those of you who would like another female present to watch or to spank you along with me during a session, this is now available on a limited basis.

In addition, the option is there for a female who could be spanked along with you in a role-play, or by you, under my guidance.

This is an option available only after you have had an initial session with me. This option is not always available, it will depend on availability of another female at that time.

This is typically an option in Phoenix, and sometimes other cities.

Please contact me for available cities and times.