Professional Disciplinarian

Babysitter / boy

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You really hated that your mother insisted on having a babysitter come over when she and your father went out tonight. After all, you’re big enough to take care of yourself!
Your lousy mood just wouldn’t go away, even though it was your favorite babysitter, Elizabeth Burns. Sensitive to your feelings, your babysitter tried to go along with your mood. She let you play video games, eat too much candy and let you stay up an hour past your bedtime.

But when you pitched a fit at having to go to bed, you were still marched into the bathroom and ordered to take a bath and get ready for bed. Well, you made a complete mess in the bathroom and tried to lock out your baby sitter. Then you made the biggest mistake … you opened the door!

“I’ve had quite enough from you, young man!” she snaps. One hand is wagging a shaming finger in your face and the other has grasped your earlobe. Pulling you to your bedroom, you hear the words you really didn’t want to hear, “It’s high time we gave you an attitude adjustment. You’re going to get a hard, bare bottom spanking!”

Even as you protest that you’re way too old for a spanking, your baby sitter takes charge. You’re whisked over her lap as she sits down on your bed, then you feel her hand grip the elastic of your pajama bottoms and suddenly, your backside is sunny side up and ready to be spanked.

She doesn’t waste a second and you soon feel her hard palm smacking your naughty bottom. In no time, you are kicking and squirming and PROMISING to be good and behave.
“Too late for that, young man!” she says, as the steady rhythm of her palm continues to spank your naked backside. The spanking hurts, but what worries you most is the look of conviction on the face of your punisher and you wonder just how long your spanking will continue!

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