Professional Disciplinarian

Boss / employee

boss-employeePetty Cash

“But, Miss Burns,” you whine, “I only borrowed the petty cash fund. I was going to pay it back tomorrow morning.” Your boss was infuriated with your minor theft.

“I don’t care what you claim right now,” she growls, “and I don’t care that it was only $200. That’s theft and I won’t stand for an employee that I can not trust. Consider yourself fired and I am calling the police right now!”

She reaches for the telephone, but you are quick to beg. “I’m sorry, Miss Burns. Please don’t call the police and please don’t fire me. It won’t ever happen again and I’ll have the money back first thing in the morning. Please … please, give me another chance!!” You really need the job, after losing your last two. The desperation you feel has caused tears to well up in your eyes.

Perhaps it is the desperation in your voice, or maybe it’s the pitiful look on your face, but Miss Burns puts down the phone and thinks for a moment. “OK,” she says much more calm than she was before, “You may keep your job and I won’t call the police … yet … but you MUST be punished.”

You quickly agree, but a frisson of concern shudders down your spine. You know you don’t have a choice, regardless of the punishment. A third job to be fired from and a police record won’t help you get another job! “What can I do to make it up?” you ask anxiously.

“’Act like a child, be treated like a child,’ is what my mother used to say,” quotes Miss Burns. “You deserve a good, old fashioned spanking.” That declaration slaps you into a more alert state and suddenly there is a feeling of dread deep in the pit of your stomach.

But, how bad can a spanking from this woman really be? All in all, unemployment would be worse … and an arrest would be pure hell. You immediately agree.

“Don’t be so eager,” warns your boss. “I intend to spank you very hard … hard enough to ensure you learn your lesson. And when I spank naughty boys, it is always on their bare bottom.” Despite the shock of that pronouncement, you still agree.

Pulling a chair out and sitting down, Miss Burns commands, “Then let’s get started.” You begin to wonder just how bad it will be as she starts to unbutton your pants … if you only knew now, what you are about to learn!

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