Professional Disciplinarian

Teacher / student

Teacher-boy1The cockroach

As you walk by the teachers desk, you set down your homework, just like the rest of the class. You try to do so very quickly, without making eye contact, hoping that she won’t notice you are there. No such luck. She looks at you and tells you she would like to see you after school. “Don’t be late” are her only words, but the look in her eyes tells you plenty. You are in trouble, big trouble.

It seemed like such a great idea when you were hanging out with your friends the afternoon before. Everyone thought it would be funny, but no one was sure who should do it. After all, if caught, you all knew she kept a paddle in the closet, and was not afraid to use it! You wanted to look ‘cool’ so you figured maybe you would do it. After all, she lived in your neighborhood, she liked you, and you could probably get away with a bit more. But she would never find out anyway.

It was really not that tough of a thing to do. You knew she always went to the teacher’s lounge during the morning recess for a cup of coffee. All you would need to do was slip back into class to get the jacket you ‘forgot’ to take outside. No one would suspect a thing. It would only take a minute to slip the fake, but very real looking, cockroach into her desk drawer. You don’t really like cockroaches either, so she will never suspect you.

The plan went off without a hitch. Everyone returned to the class after recess, and in she walked, after the last student, coffee mug in hand. “Please open up your math books to page 67” was all she said. You sat on pins and needles, giving knowing glances to your friends, each waiting for her to open her drawer, and to see the reaction. And we knew there would be a reaction. We all had heard the story of how she was petrified of cockroaches, and how someone had to come ‘rescue’ her the last time she encountered one. You knew this was going to be a day to remember. As it turned out it was a day to remember all right, but not for the reason you were thinking.

By lunch you knew something was wrong. You were in denial though when your group of friends all huddled together to talk about it. Could she have missed it? Maybe it got pushed to the side? Why had they not heard the scream they expected. They talked about me going back in, but it was too risky. We would just have to wait it out.

It was right before going to afternoon recess when she had told you to return after school. No one knew how, but the consensus was you had been caught. We all knew staying after school meant only one thing, a spanking. We all had heard the stories. We had all seen the paddle in the closet. We knew how she seemed to love to turn naughty children over her knee and give them a paddling. She was the most popular teacher in the school, but also the one who was more notorious for spanking. You knew you were in for a good spanking after school.

The afternoon both seemed to drag on, as you kept imagining how hard the spanking was going to hurt, as well as seemed to pass quickly, as to make the spanking happen sooner. You didn’t know which you preferred.

Finally the bell rang. You slowly got up. Your friends gave you that knowing look, offering their support. When you finally looked up, she was sitting at her desk, staring right at you. The room was empty except for the two of you. The walk to her desk seemed like miles. You were shaking you were so scared.

“I called your mother” she starts, “I told her what happened, and offered to drive you home myself. We will be stopping by my house to have a ‘talk’ before I take you home.”

You just stand there, not able to say a word. Why would she want to go to her house? Are you going to be spanked? Does she know? What did she tell my mother? Will I be able to sit tomorrow in school?

The ride to her house was very quiet. She made a little idle chitchat. She gave no indication of what was to come. It takes all you have to keep your hands from shaking. Suddenly you are there. She is telling you to follow her into the house. She leads you into the living room and tells you to sit on the couch; she will be back in a few minutes.

Your eyes are as big as saucers when she returns, as you see a hairbrush and strap in her hand. You sit there paralyzed with fear. Your worst suspicions have come true. You are going to get a spanking you won’t soon forget!

“Stand up young man.” She stood in front of you, tapping the hairbrush on her left palm.

“You may think you were pretty sneaky, but you were not. I went back to the classroom at recess, to get something I had left. Imagine my surprise when I saw you through the window putting something into my desk.”

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