Professional Disciplinarian

Neighbor / boy

Just a peak…

Your best friend had just been caught in a lie by his mother and was about to be spanked by her. His mom sent you home, but you wondered what a spanking was all about. After all, your parents never spanked you and the stories your friend reluctantly told you about spanking had your curiosity aroused.

Sneaking into the bushes, you peer into the window in time to see your friend’s pants and shorts come down. Hey, he never said the spankings were on the bare!

His mother picks up a hairbrush and begins to wallop the bare bottom that is now over her lap. You cringe in fascination as your friend yelps and cries with each sharp smack.

As mom adjusts her son on her lap she looks up and stares right at you! You’re frozen on the spot, but desperate to run away you can’t move as she crooks a finger at you and demands “Get in here, right now, young man!”

You don’t want to move, but you are mesmerized by her command … and the sudden brisk flurry of spanks to the yelping boy over her lap. She lets her son up from her lap and tells him to go to his room adding, “You better hope I am finished with you!”

Turning her attention to you the angry mom chides you for peeking in the window. “That’s a crime in this state. I have a mind to call the cops right now!” You plead for her not to and she asks if you have ever been spanked.

“No, Ma’am,” you reply, blushing hotly and staring at the carpet.

“I thought not,” she huffs. “Shall I call the police and your parents or do you want to find out what a spanking feels like. You seemed to be very interested a few minutes ago.”

Reluctantly you agree to the spanking, eyeing the hard wooden hairbrush still in her hand. As she lowers your pants, you worry that you made the wrong choice, but you still can’t pull away … your fascination about spanking is so strong!

That is, until the first harsh splat of the hairbrush lands on your naked, upturned, bottom!

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