Professional Disciplinarian


Have you misbehaved? Are there things you have done that you shouldn’t have in your life? Or perhaps things you should have done that you have neglected?

Do you ever wish you could just have you pants and underpants taken down, be turned over a strict woman’s knee and given a sound bare bottom spanking for your misdeeds, just like when you were a child?

Perhaps you have some unresolved guilt over something you have done and feel you should be made to “pay the price” for your behavior?

This will be a straight-forward, stern, and forceful discipline spanking. After all, you have misbehaved and deserve it.

We will discuss what you have done, you will be lectured and scolded as necessary and will be given a spanking you won’t soon forget! Your spanking will continue until I feel you have really learned your lesson and been well punished.

Do you deserve anything less?


Jim (Phoenix, AZ)

“I had some unresolved guilt over lying and cheating. I went to Elizabeth and explained to her what it was that I had done. She was very understanding and she decided that I needed a good sound spanking. She put me over her knee and spanked me long and hard. But she wasn’t finished. After being made to stand in the corner for a few minutes she bent me over and spanked me with the belt. Wow, that really hurt! I left that day feeling much better about myself knowing that I had been punished for my transgressions. Thank you Elizabeth!”

Ross (Phoenix, AZ)

“I contacted Elizabeth to help me correct some obnoxious behavior I was exhibiting, which was affecting not only me but also those around me. Elizabeth listened to what I was doing, and decided that I needed a sound bare-bottom spanking. She then took complete control, expertly administering a long, hard, and very painful hairbrush and strap spanking, while scolding me about my offensive behavior. Her punishment spanking was very thorough, and did not stop until Elizabeth was certain that I had learned my lesson. I’ll definitely remember this spanking when I think about being inconsiderate again.”