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April 2017

No specific dates as of yet, but the cities I am considering for this month are… London, UK Detroit, MI (This will likely be near the first week of the month) Houston, TX Chicago, IL NYC Beijing, China  

March 2017

    Detroit  March 4-8 (will be heading here monthly for the foreseeable future) Roanoke  March 18-20 (postponed) Baltimore/Washington DC March 21-24 (postponed)       Please email or fill out a travel form on the site if you are interested in more information about a session in any city I travel to.

February 2017

Detroit Jan 31- Feb 3 Boston February 4-5 Seattle February 25-27 (approx at this point)      

Jan 2017

Detroit, MI  Jan 9-10 Baltimore  Jan 13-15 Detroit Jan 31-Feb 3    

December 2016

Colombo, Sri Lanka December 1-4 Boston, MA possible December 7-8 Baltimore/DC  December 9-12    

November 2016

Beijing, China   Nov 2 Dallas, Tx  Nov 4-5 Hong Kong   November 12-14 Sydney, Australia November 17-20 Abu Dhabi, UAD  November 22-23 Columbo, Sri Lanka Dec 1-4

October 2016

October 3 Detroit, MI October 5-6 Baltimore, Md October 7-8 Northern Virginia/DC October 9-10  Detroit, MI October 25/26 Detroit, MI October 28-30 Boston MA  

September 2016

September 29   Detroit, MI    

August 2016

July 30-Aug 2  Phoenix, AZ Aug 4 Detroit, MI Aug 21 Chicago, IL Aug 22 Detroit, MI  

July 2016

June 30-July 1 – Baltimore, MD July 30-Aug 1      Phoenix, Az