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March 2018

March 6-7, 12-14  Detroit, MI

February 2018

Feb 10-15  Detroit, Mi (approx)  

January 2018

January 6-7   Seattle, Wa (possible) January 8-9   Portland, Or January 11-16  Detroit, Mi January 17-20  Baltimore/DC      

December 2017

Dec 5-9 Detroit, MI    

November 2017

November 5-8    Detroit, MI   November 10-11 (and possibly 12th) Seattle, Wa    

September 2017

Aug 31-Sept 4  Phoenix, Az   Sept 25-28  Detroit, Mi  

August 2017

August 9-13th       Seattle, Wa August 31 – September 4  Phoenix, Az

July 2017

My traveling has been limited for the past several months. Unfortunately I won’t be traveling in July. I have a few locations in August and hope to add a few more for September.  

June 2017

June 2-5    Phoenix, AZ June 8-15  Detroit, MI    

May 2017

Due to personal issues, I will not be traveling this month.